About Us

Hello and welcome from the beautiful city of Montreal!

My name is Nicole, creator and owner behind Nicole P Nails. I am a wife, mommy to two beautiful children, nail lover, and certified esthetician. I know a thing or two about nails and what we put them through on a daily basis. 

In my profession, I have seen firsthand how transformative taking care of yourself can be. It's deeper than "just nails". It's a reminder that you're worth the attention and care. It's a way to express your unique style, because when you look good, you start to feel good.

But sometimes between careers, kids, spouses, and just life in general, finding time to fit in a salon appointment can be next to impossible. So, drawing on my experience and expertise, I created Nicole P Nails to bring the salon home to you! Quick and convenient, our press-on nails give you the quality you expect in unique designs you'll love. Wear them everyday, just for a weekend glow-up, or a special occasion; our classic and modern styles will give your look that little bit of luxury you deserve.

Thank you for visiting our boutique! I can't wait to create your next set!