Sizing and Shapes


The first step in achieving long lasting press on nails is finding the perfect fit. There are two options to sizing your nails.

Option 1: You will need a thin-tipped marker or pen, adhesive tape, and a ruler or measuring tape.


Step1 Place a piece of tape across your fingernail.

Step 2 Mark the sides of your nailbed with a thin tipped marker or pen. Be as precise as you can.

Step 3 Stick the tape onto a flat surface. Measure between the widest part of your two lines using millimeters. Match your sizes with the chart below.





Option 2: You can purchase one of our sizing kits located on our EXTRAS page. Simply try on each nail, write down your sizes, and then purchase your custom set. Please note different shapes may size differently. 



*Long Tapered Ballerina has a deeper curve and therefore a more narrow fit. This shape is not suitable for a flat or wider nailbed.